Holiday Flirt

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Holiday Flirt

"Do you mind if I sit here?" was the first line I heard. I looked up and it was the /cute/">cute /asian/asian-guy/">asian guy I had seen with his partner the previous day, and it didnt take a super detective to figure out how their evening had ended up.
"Go right ahead," I replied and he sat down on the sun-lounger beside mine, not before giving me a view of his tiny butt which was clad in a tight swimming brief.

"On your own today?" I asked him. "Yeah: my partner Eddie is sleeping on, late night" he giggled. I smiled back - he was in late 20s, maybe early 30s; Eddie was definitely mid 40s, a bear. This guy was smooth and slim, and that coffee-coloured skin, all a favourite of mine. And at 40 I knew I was the right age for him. "My name is Andy" he offered; "Liam," I replied.

I said to him "does he mind you being out all on your own?" "What could happen?" he said, and I noted how his gaze was running down my chest and stomach. We chatted for a bit and then I invited him into the pool. He hesitated but when I stood up with my crotch at his eye-level, he smiled again, and said yes. We swam a little bit but somehow he kept bumping into me, brushing off my crotch and I had his ass in my hands quite a bit.

We got out and back to the seats, towelling off. "I love a hairy man" he said, "mind if I stroke it?" "Go right ahead" I told him; he ran his hands over my chest and down my stomach which is when my cock started to stir. My shorts were not going to cover this hard-on, but he kept going, knowing what he was doing.

"So Andy, does Eddie realise what a flirt you are?" I asked him. "He encourages it" was his reply. And I gave him a playful slap on his ass. "Yours or mine?" he said.

We went to his - they had a suite and while Eddie was in the bedroom, we stayed in the tv room on the couch. We were out of swimwear instantly, kissing and hands all over each white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie other. Mine slid down the crack of his ass, it was firm and felt tight, but his mouth and hands were on my hairy balls and cock sucking and massaging them hungrily. My dick is 6" & cut - not the longest ever but its also 6" around so its a mouthful. He sucked well, fingering my ass at the same time while I played with his. I lay back on the couch and he moved his body around so his legs were either side of my head, face down sucking my knob while I fingered and rimmed his /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass. It tasted good, and he made a lot of noise as I rimmed his dark hole. He was pushing his body against mine, rubbing the smoothness against my hairyness.

I pulled his face up towards mine, kissing him and twisting him around so now he was straddling me, my cock straining against his hole. His sucking had covered my head and shaft with saliva, it was well-lubed and as I pulled his ass cheeks apart he pushed his hole down on my cock. I entered him, /raw/">raw and hard, his face pressed against mine whispering "fuck me" as I filled his Asian hole with my dick. He clenched his ass muscles to grip me and began to ride me, short hard thrusts; a position I like as I can fuck like this for a long time. Every so often he would slow down and I would begin to thrust upwards into him; he whimpered and moaned as I fucked him like this, and then lifted him back onto the couch, pushing his legs and knees back against his own body.

Leaning over him I drove my /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv and deep into his hot hole, fucking him harder with every slap; he started to groan loudly. "You trying to wake Eddie?" I grunted at him. "Im sure hes listening anyway" was his response as I shagged him. I could feel the cum rising in my balls with the thought of this guys partner listening to us fuck. And I shot my load deep inside him, thrusting every last drop of cum into him. I took my dick out of his hole and he reached for it, to lick it clean as he wanked himself off?he shot a nice load as he sucked me.
I pulled my shorts back on, kissed him and told him I would see him again; and left him with my cumload and a big smile.