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"I miss him so much" she thought as she gathered a single candle, lotions and other bath assorted materials. the wwwxxx She set them down on the dresser as she noticed herself in the long mirror. With just a white cotton towel wrapped around her and her hair laid out, she looked beautiful. She walked closer to the mirror and examined herself, pushing her hair away from her face to get a good look. She slowly unwrapped the towel that caressed her body, and it dropped to the floor. She took her hands, feeling along her shoulders and guided them down her body. She was quite short for a young adult, but her figure was curved in the right places even with her stocky build. She placed her hands on her hips, turning slowly to get a look at her backside. She felt that it was just right and so did her lover.

She thought of their first kiss and how tightly he held onto her. Firmly grasping around her waist and slowly moving onto her ass. She laughed at the thought of how nervous they both were, but at that moment both of those young lovers didn't realize the passion they each shared in their eyes. She remembered that he felt he was going to far by holding her up by the ass but she admitted that she preferred it that way, they both smiled and continued the embrace for which felt like hours...

She gazed back into the mirror, her hands sliding up her body. She was a bit overweight and felt very odd to just stare at herself, naked. She didn't like what she saw but she tried to pass over that because she knew that he loved everything about her, body, mind and soul. He craved for her, as she thought of one of their fondest memories...

It was a breezy night, she remembered that it was raining and she was already 10 minutes late to go home. They both were rushing to get her home as soon as possible. They were both 18 at this point. It began to come down harder and the lightning began to strike the ground. She shrieked at the sight and he took her by the hand in the nearest alley and they hid under an awning until it cleared some so she could get home. They were both freezing and she already had his jacket on. Both of them breathing heavy and fast because of their fast pace. A loud crash of thunder roared from the sky. She jumped into his arms and put her head on his shoulder. He slowly rubbed her back and she brought her head up. She looked up at him and he smiled down at her. With another crash of thunder he pulled her in for a kiss. She wrapped her legs around him as he gripped her tightly from the back as their kissing grew deeper and slower. She held onto his broad shoulders because she felt so weak, overtaken by the power of his kiss. They parted slowly, and the passion in his eyes was nothing that she had ever seen before.

She spoke but he didn't hear what she said because the rain was still crashing down. "WHAT?" he shouted. She looked up at him and went to his ear and whispered "I love you". She backed away and he looked flabbergasted, almost losing grip on her, but re-adjusted her in his arms, she still had her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. "I've loved you since day one" he shouted and with that they kissed again...

She finally came back to herself, checked the clock and noticed that it was only 9:30 and he should be home soon. She looked back into the mirror and slowly brought her hands to her breasts. She also found herself satisfied with them, she felt that they weren't big, not at all. She grabbed at them roughly, slowly rolling them in her hands, watching herself do this made her feel surprisingly really good. She stopped and went to her nipple and she rolled it slowly in her fingers and it hardened almost suddenly to her touch. She continued to fondle her nipple in one hand and and she slid her other hand down to her pussy. She stuck her two fingers inside herself, slowly rolling them in her pussy, and she had made herself very wet with her play. She slowly slid her hand away and wiped her fingers clean on the towel on the floor. She looked at herself once more and she picked up her towel and scooped up her bath materials and walked to the bathroom.

She set her stuff on the side of the tub and turned the water on warm. She sat on the side of the tub with her /feet/">feet laying in the water as it filled. As soon as the bottom of the tub was covered with water, she took of her towel, laid it on the floor behind her and slid into the tub. Her neck arched on one end as her feet up a bit from the water on the water. Her arms outstretched on both sides as she relaxed in the tub as it filled. She looked down at herself and noticed that her nipple she had just played with was still hard and the other was beginning to firm up from the warmth of the water. The thought that struck her at that moment sent goosebumps down her body. But it also exhilarated her. She turned over the outside of the tub to find her watch lying on top of her clothes and saw that there was still 20 minutes before he came home. She set the watch down and moved onto her back. She unplugged the tub so that wwwxxx it didn't fill any higher than it was, just covering the bottom of the tub, but the water would continue to run with great force. She slid her body to the other end up the tub. Her ass against the wall so that her pussy lay directly under the water, her legs outstretched up the wall spread wide.

She took a deep breath as she once again brought her hand down to her hot cunt, taking two fingers to spread her lips, her fingers sliding in with ease and she swirled them around inside her. Her pussy felt warm and it was so inviting to her. She found her clit immediately and begin to slowly roll her fingers onto it. This is how she usually started this routine to get herself ready for the real thing. She did this for a while, feeling all around. She relocated her clit and pressed down on it firmly, it sent chills down her spine as she began to roll her fingers around it once again. She let out a soft moan because she was enjoying herself and to add more pleasure she took her other free hand and begin to squeeze onto her nipple.

She began to play with her clit faster and she continued letting out soft moans. "Mmmm baby, uhhh, yes" she would say and the sound of her voice made her excited. She began to slow down because this isn't all she wanted to do. She slid her fingers out of her pussy which was already beginning to feel weak. She took those same two fingers and slowly opened up her pussy, exposing it to the warm water. She adjusted the water with her feet, the water heated and became much stronger. They heavy downpour of water from the spout fell onto her clit. She continued her tit play as the hot water on her clit sent spasms all through her body. "Ohh baby, uhhh yes, uhhh, mmmmm" she exclaimed.

A differet moan was heard in the room. She quickly closed her legs and sat up and there he was. He sat on the toilet seat, smiling at her. "Oh baby, when did you..." she started but he stopped her. "Shh... a bit ago." He finished. She looked at him and surprisingly saw that his right hand was in the front of his pants, which the belt was undone and his zipper was down. "What are you doing?" she asked, trying to regain consciousness. He took his hand from his pants, sat up and walked over to her. He knelt down beside her and kissed her softly. "Honey, can you please continue because watching you play with yourself is so hot, I couldn't resist, you just looked so beautiful and I don't want to ruin your fun." He kissed her on the forehead and once on the lips. He smiled. She nodded in agreement and he moved back a little bit to get a good view. She laid on her back and slid back into the position she was in before, legs up against the wall and spread wide with her knees bent. She took her left hand back down to her pussy and spread her lips open so the hot water could fill her once more. She looked over at him as he continued to rub his cock. She smiled and shortly began to moan again.

Her toes curling in pleasure and her back arcing in the tub meant that she was about to cum. "Uhhhh baby yes, uhhh fuck me uhhhhh" she screamed as she came with such great force that she had only experienced when she did this alone. She laid in the tub, breathing heavily for a few short moments. She looked over at him and saw that he began to take his clothes off. "Move over, we're both very dirty and we both need a bath" he said as he joined her. They both sat on the opposite end. His legs spread open and her knees tucked together so they could both fit together as the tub finished filling.

They washed each other, and the bathroom was filled with laughter and water was all over the floor from the two lovers in the tub. He turned his back to her in the tub so she could wash his back. She submerged the sponge into the water and slowly began to rub his back with it. As she washed him, she couldn't help but think of all the naughty things they could be doing together. With that in mind, she dropped the sponge into the water and back to rub his shoulders. She massaged his aches and pains from a long days work out and as she did so, he let out a low groan of enjoyment. Hearing him enjoy her touch made her hornier than ever before and she had to have him. She pressed her body against his back, her legs spread open around him
and she bit down on his neck. He hissed in pleasure and said "Baby not so hard I might like it." She laughed and continued to suck on his neck, her arms reaching around to his cock which hardened on contact. "Hold on" he said as he turned over so they were face to face. He lifted her onto his lap and she spread her legs wide open.

They wrapped around each other and began to make love. She slid onto his cock with ease since they were in water and rocked her hips onto his cock. They started slow, he guided her by gripping on tightly to her hips. She let out soft gasps for breath as his cock went in deep inside her body, she looked at him and he was looking back at her too. He wasn't concentrated on her riding his dick, he was focused on her, her eyes, her spirit. She embraced him, continuing her slow thrusts, taking his cock deep inside her pussy. She kissed his
lips, his eyes, his chin, his face, everything. He grabbed her face and kissed her passionately as the force of her slamming onto his dick became stronger but stayed at the same pace. His wet tongue meeting hers as she wrapped her arms around his neck and he went back to her hips, to increase her speed. They stopped kissing, still looking into each others eyes. She began to moan as his cock impaled her pussy. She loved him, she loved how good it felt to have him inside her, she loved the way he held her in his arms. She would give everything to him. She was beginning to feel weak and he could tell she was going to cum. To help her he bit deeply onto her neck, sucking at her neck and rolling his tongue onto her skin.

He knew exactly what she wanted and with that her eyes brightened and her mouth opened to release a chain of loud moans as she came on to him. He slowed her down so she was able to regain herself. She looked at him and he was smiling at her. She kissed him once, twice more on his lips and guided his hands back onto her hips. She wanted to pleasure him, she wanted him to have everything, he had just given her the most pleasurable orgasm of her life. She held his hands onto her hips as she went down harder on him and faster. Her speed increased so much that her breasts began to bounce with her body. His cock was beginning to tighten inside of her, she knew he was almost ready for her, she wanted to give him the same pleasure he had just given her. He rocked her faster on his dick, slamming her down hard on his body, he was letting out soft moans as she took her tits in her hands and began to play with them. She remembered how much he enjoyed watching her play with herself, she thought maybe this would
help him cum faster. She begin to pull and tug at her nipples, moaning along with him, calling his name. His eyes began to roll and she knew he was ready. she stopped with her breasts and slowed down for him. She leaned over him and kissed his ear.
"Baby, I want you to cum down my throat..." she whispered softly in his ear.

She backed away and saw that he could barely hold his load much longer. She quickly got off his cock and got on her knees as she helped him stand up. She crawled over to him and quickly took his dick deep into her mouth. Sucking on it hungrily, craving for his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum. She had both her hands at the end of his dick so she was able to feed it to herself. He let out a few loud moans, pulled his cock out just enough so it was in front of her lips and shot his load in her mouth. He had to jerk it several times to get all his cum out of his throbbing cock. He felt weak and sat back down and watched her as his cum leaked from her mouth and drizzled down to her tits. He smiled at her as she swallowed him whole and he crawled over to lick her body clean. They shared a passionate kiss, their tongues sliding onto each others. They parted and smiled. She got up to leave the tub but he took her hand. She turned and looked down at him. His eyes filled with passion like the night in the rain.