Factory 2

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Factory 2

*** Day 48

On the cot, the only furnishing in my room, I took a beating. A furious beating that had been commonplace lately. It seems like an eternity yet an instant all at once. Day after day it?s the same routine over and over. Its hard to determine exactly how long. When so many days are exactly the same, after a while it becomes hard to separate what happened when.

Suddenly torn away from my thoughts by a sudden need in my balls I was brought back to /reality/">reality, back to my beating. On top of me a woman born only to fuck, only to be impregnated and reproduce was doing something that could only be described as art. Up her hips would go, her pussy clenching onto my cock, then to release slightly and come back down on my pelvis. Never losing the feeling of her pussy massaging my manhood., this woman was definitely a veteran of her profession. I could see her need had overcome her. Her body , or more distinctively her pussy had complete control of her. She was fucking me so desperately to get what she needed. If my life depended on me not cumming in her, it still would have been impossible to resist. I would have chosen death had I been required to, as long as I could shoot my cum in her and give her my child. Her pussy muscles massaged my cock with such an exquisite feeling. So smooth, so wet so firm. If getting a man to cum was a skill that not many women had, this woman and her pussy would have been a very prestigious brain surgeon.

?Oh shit, I cant hold it any longer?! My cock swelled, preparing itself to fire my seed into this waiting woman?s womb. Controlled by instinct, needing to reproduce, the woman sensed that I was about to fill her with my seed. She pushed down heavily. Resting all her weight on my pelvis, my cock was pushed deeply inside her. My swelled cock about to fire it?s cum roughly pressed against her cervix. Grabbing onto her shapely waist with both my hands, lunging upward into the air. Lifting my midsection along with her up. My entire being tensed as I shot my cum inside this waiting vessel. Her vaginal muscles squeezing onto my rod, afraid to let any of my cum escape her hungry waiting womb. My cock in a death grip, vaginal lubrication running off the sides of my hips and soaking my cot, I came into this female. Pump after pump I lowered myself just to thrust back up; lifting my hips and her entire body into the air every time I shot again and again into her depths.

As fast as it started it ended. I had deposited all of my cum into the woman, completing my duty. However she was not ready to remove my shrinking penis. She sat on me, pressing downward still. Her pussy walls still squeezing tightly trying to milk every drop of cum from my shriveling dick. Her body needed to make sure she received it all, she needed to be impregnated. Even though she was desperately squeezing on it I knew it was time to end this. After hitting the button on the wall; a signal that it was time for my captors to come and remove this bred woman, I lay there and savored the look of desperation on her face. Never before I was brought here, had any woman I had ever been with looked so frantic to receive my cum and become the mother of my child. In truth, as sick as you might think I am, it made me feel special.

After not to long one of the giant black clad people arrived to remove her, she submissively followed the colossal man out. Little words were ever exchanged. The women never spoke other than to say things such as, ?fuck me? ?cum in me? or my favorite, ?please, get me /pregnant/">pregnant?! The woman were all very passive. Did what they were told. Only being assertive or very aggressive during sex. Some wordlessly took charge and straddled my cock. Grinding their shaved, very wet pussies on it until it got hard then mounting it like a bitch in heat, as this last one had done. Others just lay down next to me or near where I might be standing and spread their legs, raise their knees in the air while holding apart their labia so it wouldn?t hinder penetration, while waiting for me to mount them.

They demanded I cum in them, every time. No exceptions. They did often times demand my cum with words, but other times it was more of a physical demand. Some of the quieter ones had much more aggressive pussies. When my cock was ready they would clamp down on it with their internal muscles, holding it tight. Often combined with their legs and arms wrapping around me holding me to them with all their strength. Had I even tried to pull out I couldn?t have done it in time. I would have came long before I could ever pry the woman off me. However I never tried; I couldn?t even bare the thought of wasting my seed outside of their bodies.

It was a odd feeling I didn?t quite understand, but I could smell their fertility. I knew every time I came into one of the females I was certain she would be carrying my child. The only time I could imagine them being hostile to me is if I tried to pull out and cum anywhere that?s not in their pussy. Of course I could never do that, cumming in these /women/sexy-women/">sexy women all begging me to imbue them with child is the closest idea to paradise I can imagine. Sure I would like a better place and not be a prisoner. Maybe a tropical island I own with thousands of women that live there with me? But hey this is alright to, you can?t have everything. Its easy to forget I?m a prisoner sometimes when I think about what I?m given here. ?Maybe this is my paradise??

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Waking suddenly from a /bad/">bad dream of working my old job, an office where I use to live before my abduction. I turned and looked at the door opening. I watched as one of my prison guards stood in the doorway looking at me as if it were contemplating something.

?We are behind on orders, we need all our men like you to step up production?. ?I wasn?t sure if you were up to the task but you have been reliable in the past?. ?Today you will impregnate 3 women?. ?Do well and you shall be rewarded?.

I was dumbfounded. Behind on orders I thought? ?Orders for what?? I however was not graced with a response. The gargantuan man moved out of the room while three very petite sexy women took his place. I couldn?t imagine they were any older than sixteen at best. I didn?t necessarily have a problem with this as they seemed to be very sexually mature. It just made me feel like they really needed more /pregnant/pregnant-women/">pregnant women for some strange reason to start using younger girls. Most of the women they brought me seemed to be between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three. ?What the fuck, why not?. Two of them were white, both with blonde hair down to their mid section with average sized tits. I?d guess a 36 C. The third was a slightly smaller /girl/asian-girl/">asian girl with incredibly /tits/large-tits/">large tits with large brown areola?s and incredibly large and /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. Made for a woman born into a career of breast feeding babies. I would have thought these had to be implants if I wasn?t so sure this girl was born here or taken at a very young age. They had to be twice the size of the white girls tits. What the fuck were they giving this girl?

The slot at the bottom of the door opened, in slid a tray with some water and some pills. ?These will help you perform your duty John?.

Down at the bottom of the door they had given me 3 times as many of those mysterious pills as usual. I knew they were drugging me to make me more sexually excited, unable to control myself when it came to sex. I knew that?s why I felt the way I did when I was about to cum. How I would rather die than pull out, that life demanding urge to impregnate the female I was fucking. With little more thought on the subject I figured why not. If they wanted to kill me they would have long ago. I took all the pills, and drank down the water imaging these girls impaled on my drilling cock.

The girls understanding that the time was right, all approached me at once. I have never been nervous before with a woman, things were different now. Their were three of them, and they had a glazed over look in their eyes of sexual lust and a fiery need that could not be contained. I felt as if I might be raped viciously should I refuse. These girls were going to receive my cum deep in their wombs whether I liked it or not. The pills adding to the fact that my cock was rock hard and sensing it would not soften even after cumming which it felt like it already wanted to do staring at their naked bodies. Those beautiful tits on those petite frames. The other effect the pills had on me was they were eating away at my willpower to have a mind of my own, my body needed to mate, I needed to make these girls mothers of my children. I truly had no choice in this matter?

The girls having closed in on me, all grabbing for me at once. Their hands massaging my cock, and back, while their breasts rubbed against my chest and lower back.

?Fuck me please?.

?No fuck me first?.

?I want you to /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-my-pussy/">cum in my pussy?.

?Please, get me pregnant?!

They were begging me to fuck them and impregnate them. I couldn?t resist anymore. Their bodies, words, and the pills had overpowered me. I grabbed for the little Asian girl first. Admiring her tits made my cum churn in my balls. I wanted to shoot in her so desperately. Roughly leaning her down onto my cot, I hastily got on top of her between her legs. Immediately her small hands darted to my cock, having it in her tiny hands she guided it inside her. Letting out a loud moan of pleasure followed by a gasp. I couldn?t stand it, I had no patience for being gentle. I rammed myself into her, balls deep in one stab. She was so very tight being so small, it was lucky she was so wet, or their might have been a painful problem for the both of us.

Guided by the needs of her uterus, and the egg descending to it. Mindlessly she wrapped her legs around my waist. Allowing me just enough room to withdraw two maybe three inches before I pounded back into her. She had me trapped in her and would not release until I completed the mating process, naming spraying a fountain of cum inside her. Sending my sperm swimming up her tubes to find that ever elusive egg they so desired to find.

Meanwhile as I was thrusting into this Asian beauty with the freakishly large tits, the two /blonde/blonde-girls/">blonde girls found their own ways to participate. These girls were truly sex crazed. One got behind me, shoving her head down between my legs and started licking and sucking on my balls, occasionally letting her tongue slide up to my ass-hole and dart in briefly. The other blonde was grinding her crotch down on the /asian/asian-girls/">asian girls mouth getting her pussy eating by the same girl I was thrusting into. She would lean down and whisper things in my ear as her pussy was licked.

?I need your cock in me?. ?I need your baby growing in my belly?. ?I want to feel your seed spray into my womb?. ?I?m fertile right now, I just need your cum?.

These and other similar words were whispered into my ear by this girl as the other blonde sucked on my balls while I thrust into the Asian girls tight teenage pussy doing its best to cause my balls to release their load into her baby factory. I couldn?t hold it any longer. This was all to much stimulation, a normal man can?t be expected to hold in his cum with all this. My body tensing, my hips thrusting forward with all the strength of my body. The Asian teen strangling my waist with her legs holding ever millimeter of my cock in her fiery wet tunnel, squeezed on my cock. It was a very rapid squeeze, release squeeze feeling like it was vibrating around my fleshy pole.

My cum left my balls, traveling quickly through my urethra and exiting my penis through that little hole at the end, to be forcefully shot through this girls cervix spraying against the back of her womb, and finally draining into her fallopian tubes. This teen screaming in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as my seed was being deposited inside her, and racing to impregnate her. Her legs not releasing quite yet. Holding me in, her tunnel sucking every prized drop of my semen. The blond girl behind me continued to suck on my balls like she was addicted, as a heroin addict would behave. She couldn?t stop rolling them around in her mouth, causing them to expel even more cum to enter Asian girl.

The day went on like this. The girls changed positions. Sometimes I was on top, sometimes I fucked them doggy, sometimes they straddled me dominating me, having my cock thrust up inside them, while the other two held me down, preventing me from removing my cock until I creamed the girl mounting me. Every once in a while I fucked one up against the wall, which meant me having to hold her ass up a little higher to penetrate her hole. I must have fucked these girls at least four times each, never once losing my /erection/">erection. It had to be the pills, their xxx sex video download free com was no other answer..

That night I lay there wondering about what that thing meant by behind on orders. Orders for human babies? Were these things aliens, or was this some fucked up government experiment. Maybe these kids were being trained to be soldiers. Or worse yet, maybe they were food for aliens? Human sexxxx video ful hd babies served at a intergalactic fast food restaurant? I was determined to find out these answers. I have to know.

To be continued...