Boyfriends Hot Daddy

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Boyfriends Hot Daddy

I had been dating my boyfriend, Matthew, for two years when I graduated college. His family had a beach house, and he invited me to live there with his family for the summer. I wouldn’t have to work all summer. I could just lie on the beach all day, and he would take care of me. His mother, who I don’t care for, was also there all summer. His father, Mr. Brennan, who you can say that I really like, would stay for long weekends. Early in the summer, I would learn how much I liked his father. 

My boyfriend is good looking. We are both jocks, and he has a somewhat muscular body. He looks good in a bathing suit. Naked, however, is another story. His penis isn’t too big at 5.5 inches. Even worse, he has a thin dick. It doesn’t get me that excited, but he is a /sweet/">sweet guy. He showers me with gifts and treats me like a princess. 

And I am worth it ’ I was homecoming queen. My name is Aimee. Yes, I am the girl that it seems like everyone wants. I am 5’9’. I have straight blonde hair past my shoulders. I have beautiful D-cup breasts. My ass is tight and strong ’ not too big. I have long legs that are always perfectly shaved. People are always telling me that I could make whatever I wanted as a /model/">model. I am finding that a young woman like me can get guys to do an awful lot for me. 

My boyfriend takes his cues from me. He eats me out when I tell him to. He jerks himself off in front of me when I tell him to and talk dirty to him. He likes it when I make fun of his /dick/small-dick/">small dick. It is fun, but I have been yearning for a man who knows how to take control. 

And that is his father. With the looks of George Clooney and a great body, I have always found him physically attractive. He is incredibly sweet to me, hugging me whenever he sees me. I often find him checking me out. I flash him a mischievous smile. 

At the start of summer, I was home one weekend when my boyfriend left early for work. I was wearing a tiny sun dress. It was white with spaghetti straps and a short hem. I wore black /underwear/">underwear and a bra underneath so that you could see through the dress. Mrs. Brennan said that she was going shopping all day and would be back around dinner time. 

’Mr. Brennan, I am going out to the beach to get some sun today.’

’Would you like some company?’ blowjob porn videos he asked. 

’I thought that you would never ask. Let me go put my suit on, and I will be right out.’

I went into my bedroom and pulled out my hottest bathing suit. It is bright pink. The top showed lots of cleavage. It just covered my pussy, but I was clean shaven, so it didn’t matter how much it was showing. The back just had thin string along my butt. I put it on and looked great. I have pics in it posted on myspace, and people tell me I look like I am out of Playboy. 

I walk out and see Mr. Brennan sitting in his seat in a bathing suit, showing off his muscular chest. Mmmmmm, he looks good. He sees me and his mouth drops. ’How do I look?’ I slowly turn around. 

’In-in-incredile,’ he stammers. 

He is looking right at my pubic area. ’I guess now you know that your son’s girlfriend shaves,’ I giggle. 

He gets bright red and doesn’t say a word. I reach out my hand, ’Come on.’ 

He hesitates. 

’Are you going to keep a girl waiting?’ I put my hand out again. 

He takes my hand and stands up. I see that he is hard, pushing through his swimsuit. I look up at him: ’/bad/bad-boy/">bad boy,’ I say, running my hand across his chest. 

We walk out to the beach. He brings a chair, and I just bring a towel and lotion. We get out to our spot and I lay on my stomach. Mr. Brennan sits next to me. 

’Mr. Brennan, can you put lotion on my back?’

’Of course, Aimee.’ He gets on his knees next to me and lotions up. He rubs the top of my back.

’You can untie my top.’ He does so, and my heart skips a beat. I remind him to get my sides, and he grazes my breasts. He starts rubbing into my lower back. ’Don’t forget my butt,’ I tell him. He starts rubbing his hands all over my butt ’ where his son’s hands have been endless times. 

’Thank you so much. I love to lay on the beach. I think I would like the water, but I am /scared/">scared to go in. I don’t want to step on a crab.’

’Would you feel better if I went in with you, Aimee?’

’Oh, you are so sweet. You treat me like I’m your little girl. I would love to.’

We get up and walk in together. I am okay at first. Then the water gets up past my knees. I jump on his back and hold onto his muscular chest and muscles. We go out to where it is deeper, and he tells me to put my feet on the ocean floor. I do so for a minute. I take a few steps then grow nervous. Mr. Brennan is facing me. I jump into his arms. I wrap my arms around his neck. I press right into a solid, /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. 

’Mr. Brennan, are you thinking naughty thoughts about your son’s girlfriend?’

He begins to quickly apologize. 

’But I don’t want you to apologize,’ I say as I start to grind into him. We then get into a deep kiss. He moans loudly. He starts to kiss my neck, then whispers in my ear, ’I love you like a /daughter/">daughter.’ 

I gave him a seductive look. ’Why don’t we go inside, and you can act like my big Daddy.’

We quickly walked inside. He kissed me and ripped off my top in the foyer. We fumbled our way inside. I pushed him into the wall. Got on my knees, and took his trunks down. Out popped a 6.5 inch cock that was nice and thick. I licked up the shaft as he let out a big moan. 

I gently took the head into my mouth, savoring the taste and size. I took my head off, looked up, and asked, ’How does it feel?’

’Incredible, please keep going.’ 

I then bobbed my head down on his cock and started working my head up and down, breathing through my nose. I had my nose buried in his pubic hairs when I went all the way down. He was yelling, ’That’s my girl. Yes, yes, yes.’

I was getting wet. I started going faster and he was bucking his hips. Then I really started sucking and going deeper. His hips started to go wild, jamming his cock down my throat. He was halfway in when he started shooting cum into my mouth. 

His cum was entering quicker than I could swallow it, and I wanted to savor the taste. Some dribbled out onto my chest, but I swallowed most of it. ’My God, that was incredible.’

I took his had and walked him to the couch. I sat him down, turned on some music and started dancing. I bent over in his face and whispered, ’Do you want to see my pussy?’

He nodded yes. I pulled off my bathing suit and stood on the couch over his head. He was already hard as I lowered myself. He started to lap at my pussy. I moaned, then I pulled up. I did this again. I knew that I needed his cock. 

I sat in his lap and guided his cock into my pussy. ’Mmmmmmmm, Daddy. I need your cock.’ I slid all the way down taking him inside me. ’Ohhhhhhh, Daddy, this feels so good.’

He began to moan as I slid up and down on him. ’Do you like fucking your son’s girlfriend?’

’Oh, God, yes, this is incredible.’ I leaned in and kissed him. I started picking up the pace. 

’Do you want me to fuck you all the time now? Can I suck your dick when he is showering? Get fucked with him in the next room?’

He started pumping faster. My clit was rubbing into him. I was getting ready to cum all over him. ’Ohhhhhhh, Daddy, here I cum. 

’My too, baby.’

I started to rock and pump up and down even harder. ’AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, yes, make me fucking cum, Daddy. Yeeesssssssssss.’ Then he started to shoot loads of jizz deep inside me. 

I fucked him two more times that day. At night my boyfriend came home. I was so turned on to humiliate him. I took him into the bedroom and told him what he would do. ’You will jerk off while fingering me.’ I just wanted him to put his finger in my pussy full of another man’s cum. 

He fingered me while I humiliated him: ’Your milf porn videos cock can’t do anything for me. You are a little piece of shit.’ He quickly came all over his stomach. I then placed a finger inside my pussy, then ran it through his cum on his stomach. ’Open wide,’ I said as I placed my finger in his mouth. I repeated this for every finger. 

Soon Matthew went to sleep. I went into the living room to find Mr. Brennan. We made out for awhile in the kitchen. I then leaned over the counter. ’Aren’t you forgetting one place to enter me, sir?’

He dropped his pants and stepped right behind me.