Angel Chapter 1

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Angel Chapter 1

?Hey, Angel,? The voice was rough and deep. ?It?s time to get your ass out of bed!? 

I opened one eye and then the other. It was dark, like it usually was when I woke up, and saw Romeo sitting in the chair across from my bed. I looked around at the ?Palace?, which was far from it, but smartly nicknamed by some of the older girls. I didn?t know what time it was.

I had to clear my throat a few time before I could talk. 

?What the hell do you want?? I half sat, half slid up and pushed my hair out of my eyes. I reached for the glass of vodka on the end table, but Romeo got to it first. ?What do you want?? I asked again reaching for the glass.

?I came for my money /bitch/">bitch.? He said as he passed the glass back to me. ?I heard you had a pretty good night last night.? He smiled and jerked a cigarette from the pack in his hand. He lit it with a match and the smell of the sulfur made me retch. I held onto the headboard to keep myself from falling onto the floor. He continued. 

?So, I thought that since I was in the neighborhood and all, I?d stop in to see my girls. And collect dues of course.? He grinned his evil grin.

I reluctantly got out of the bed. My head reeled and my body ached, but I knew there had been worse days than this. And better. I got the jar from under my sink and pulled out three twenties. That should be enough for the King. I handed the money to Romeo, but he just stared at it. 

?What? You want more?? I tossed the money at him and started toward the mini fridge to get something to drink. Grain and proof enhanced I hoped. Before I could get away, Romeo grabbed my arm.

?Perhaps we could come to a deal?? He pulled me into his lap and wiggled his tongue in my ear. ?Give me a really good blowjob, and I?ll forget about your payment.? Every other night or so Romeo groped me or propositioned me, and I always declined. I would rather pay him the money than have him wriggle on top of me. I got up and went to the kitchen, leaving him there with the money.

?Sorry Romeo, I got to save the merchandise for the customers.? I rinsed a glass from the sink with the stinking Baltimore water and poured a glass of Vodka. I cut it with some OJ, and drank it down. I was starting to feel better.

?Angel, your nothing but a /whore/">whore, always will be a whore.? Romeo said as he neatly tucked the bills into his wallet. ?And the best thing about it is, your my whore. You had just watch it. Don?t think I can?t take you out.? He flicked his cigarette into my glass and headed for the door. ?I?ll see you tomorrow Angel.?

It was quite when he left, and I realized it was past nine. I had to be out of the apartment within an hour. I was meeting Johanna soon and I had to be ready. We had this good thing going on. There were a couple of guys who had been pretty regular and tonight was one of those nights our regulars were looking for fun. They were both married, to /fat/">fat house wives most likely, and we enjoyed their money as much as they enjoyed our bodies. Even exchange as far as we were concerned. 

I decided on a black thigh high skirt and one of those little tee-shirts. Think Pretty Woman. I did the hair tease, make-up and purse check before leaving. I locked the door behind me and headed down the three flights of stairs and came out on Howard Street. I had to make my way over to Baltimore Street-otherwise known as ?The Block? to meet Jo. The nights out usually lasted from 10pm to about 4am, sometimes later. It only took a few minutes to make my way over, and I caught up with Johanna just in time.

When I first came down here from Pennsylvania I meet Johanna in a bar somewhere in Fells Point. We got to talking and I told her I didn?t have a job and was looking if she knew anybody. I told her I had danced for awhile, doing shows and things like that, but nothing major. She said I could get a job as a Call Girl, which is what she was. It was only a step above what I had already done, and it wasn?t like I was a virgin, so I thought of it as furthering my career. The next night, she introduced me to Romeo who was a ?money manager?, not a /pimp/">pimp.

That was four months ago. It was good at first. I got the money for doing something I enjoyed and got all the easy guys, like the ones who just wanted head. I was promoted quickly and became Johanna?s partner so to speak, and we have been together ever since.

By the time I got to Baltimore Street, it was past ten and the street was crowded. The Bouncers watched from the doorways and called to the men to see the ladies inside. Jo was standing with a few guys, not our regulars, but some that I had never seen before. They both looked a little strung out, but we both carried mace if they got out of hand. The one that was introduced to me as Ralph really freaked me out. I don?t think it was the way he looked so much, but the way he looked at me.

?So what do you think?? Johanna snuggled up Ralph. ?I thought that since were both free tonight, we take these guys on a tour.? She put her hand in his back pocket and shrugged to me to do the same with the guy she introduced as Jay. I did, but only because I didn?t want to be left out, and Jo and I always went together because it was safer than going alone. We headed back towards Light Street, bumping hips along the way. 

They invited us to their hotel off of Light Street, and Jo and I put on our best "we belong here" looks before entering. We made our way to the elevators and up to thier room. Smiling slyly, they opened the door with the sliding key and let us enter before them. We threw our purses on the bed and the guys got us some hard liquor from the honor bar. 

We discussed the rates and what they wanted and what the cost was. They didn?t seem to care about the cost, so we told them 200 each for strait intercourse. Then they wanted to see us dance. That was an extra fifty. They agreed. Johanna and I got into our act.

We started out by dancing closely, stopping to kiss in between and then reaching to undressing each other. Her white top was almost see through and I touched her nipple through it. It instantly became erect and she pressed against my hand. I lowered my head and flicked with my tounge, making a wet spot around the bud.

I raised her shirt and arms, sliding it off with ease. I removed her bra too and flicked my tounge over her now naked breasts. She did the same to me, but reaching between my thighs at the same time. Smiling wickedly, she knelt in front of me, pulling up my skirt and pulling aside my little panties. She slid her tounge into my slit just below the little patch of hair and used one index finger and slid it into my hole. I closed my eyes and moaned, rubbing my tits together with my hands.

She draged her tounge up to my mouth, kissing me deeply and then glancing over to Jay and Ralph.
"I suppose you want to join in on the action?" Johanna said, nodding to their protruding cocks. Nodding eagerly, the two men unzipped thier pants and letting their cocks spring free. Jo and I seperated and went to the bed, me towards Jay, she towards Ralph.

Leaning towards me, Jay placed his had on the other side of me and came in for a kiss. I turned, offering my cheek, as kissing is a rule Jo and I followed strictly. Trying again, I turned and he seemed to get the point. He leaned me back on the bed, with half of his body covering mine. He heaved on top of me and alain lyle porn taking a now freed breast into his mouth bitting the nipple. 

"Ouch!" I said, tapping his shoulder. "Dont do that so hard." He nodded eagerly and bit a little more timidly. I griped his hair with my hand, running my fingers through his hair, moaning as if I enjoyed it. I sat up, pushing him onto his back and finished unzipping his pants. The hot rod sprang free into my hands as I held it. Jacking his cock in one hand, cupping his balls in the other. Abruptly he stopped me and rolled me over. He ran his hands up my legs to my inner thighs and lightly touched the lips of my cunt and he rubbed his thumb over my clit. 

"Grab a condom /boy/big-boy/">big boy," I smiled at him. "Ill put it on...with my mouth." Excitedly, Jay leaned back and allowed me to grab the condom from my purse. I opened it and easily placed it in my mouth, then leaning over and effortlessly rolling it down his shaft. When I was finshed, he readjusting himself, and spread my legs slightly and positioned himself just inside. 

I rocked trying to catch it in my pussy. Slowly he dipped into me, pushing it all the way in and taking it almost out. Faster the pace went, and harder he banged into me. I reached back and played with his balls as he continued to rock in and out of my semi-/pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. I told him I wanted it harder and faster and he was quick to comply. My screams indian santali xvideo were getting factiously louder and louder the harder he trusted. 
I looked over at Johanna on the other bed to take in what was happening with Ralph. She had also prepped his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick with a condom and Ralph was getting ready to enter her from the back. He rubbed his hands over her ass and slapped it playfully. Pulling out his cock he slid into her with ease, grunting as he did so. He held her waist as he moved himself in and out, throwing his head back in pleasure. He grabbed her shoulder and with every thrust made her moan like a porn star. 

They humped us like horney teenagers, and grunted and stank of liquor, but we were used to it and continued to make noises that sounded like we were enjoying it. It was over soon enough and we flushing the condoms and got dressed in the bathroom at the same time. We came back into the room as Jay handed a joint to Ralph. 

?You girls smoke?? Ralph asked taking a big inhale. 

?No.? Jo replied reaching for her jacket. ?But thanks.? I also reached for my sweater when Jay grabbed my arm. 

?Going so soon?? he asked in this hissing voice and an evil smile.
?Yes, /big/big-cocks/my-big-cock/">my big cock monster,? I said forcing a smile as I pretended to enjoy his company. ?I have to go home now?You can?t keep me all for yourself.? I said and leaned over and kissed his sweaty cheek.

Ralph chuckled and slapped Johanna on her ass. ?She told you!? he said laughing as he took another hit off of the joint.

?Well, I guess you have to go.? Jay said as he fondled my breast. ?But I?ll be sure to look you up next time I am in town.?

?You do that.? Jo said as Ralph peeled off 15 twenty dollar bills for both of us and handed it to her. ?We always enjoy the company of young studs like yourself.? She smiled and put the money in her black purse. 

We walked out of the hotel room as Ralph passed back the joint. I doubted if they eve relized we left, considering they were almost unconscious as it was. We quickly walked down the back stairs and out into the ally. Walking back towards the city lights we were silent.

?Do you ever wish you never started this?? I asked Jo as she lit a cigarette. She passed me the pack and took a deep inhale. 

?To be honest, the money is good.? She paused and smiled. ?But I always wanted to be an astronaut.? I stared at her and then burst out laughing when I realized she was joking. 

?Lets get something to eat.? I said as I lit my smoke. ?I?m starving and I need to wash my hands.? We headed back towards Baltimore Street in hopes of scoring some dinner. 

Chapter 2 coming soon...